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CBD Tincture 300mg

CBD Tincture 300mg

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Enjoyable Edibles now offers its Enjoyable 1:0 CBD Tincture with 300 mg of CBD goodness. For those looking for pure pain relief without any psychoactivity alongside the convenience of a tincture, this Enjoyable Edibles product should be your go-to. With through-the-roof potency, this ambrosia will silence stress and anxiety while disappearing pain and discomfort, all sans a trip through the stratosphere. Drop some into your morning tea or your afternoon coffee, or even below your tongue, and you'll be off to the races.


CBD is proved to be a strong mood regulator. Leave your stress and anxiety behind. Balance your endocannabinoid system and enjoy yourself.


CBD is on-call for you 24/7. Tanking lower doses throughout your day improves cognitive function. Higher doses help you hit your rem cycle.


From a pain in your knee to a chronic skin condition all the way to epilepsy, CBD is replacing prescription drugs. Take the holistic approach.


Do you even CBD bro? Our sponsored athletes do daily to speed up recovery. CBD stops inflammation which speeds up recovery and aleviates pain.

Muscle Relaxation

The most natural method for pure body rehabilitation

Maintain your Lifestyle

Achieve a healthy life with out medical setbacks

Eliminate Pain

Allow immediate healing to sustain your active routine

Reduce Anxiety

Legitimately promote mental health, naturally and effectively

Reduce inflammation

Regain total mobility and comfort

Our Feedback

I’ve been using this balm on sore muscle areas post gym so why not cramps?! I massage a generous amount on my lower abdomen for about one minute. It decreased the pain of my cramps within 15-20 minutes!! I repeated the above two more times throughout the morning and did not feel any bloating or pain from cramps the rest of the day NOR the following day. ⁣⁣

TopShelfOfFresno Via Instagram

This is such an awesome, wonderful soothing balm for anyone that's looking for pain relief. My mothers right foot is a little bit messed up and thank God I found this because we have been using it for two weeks and have not seen her cry from the pain since. I will definitely be buying consistantly from this brand.

DuchessofDenker Via Weedmaps

I’ve been suffering from really bad back pain and the only thing that’s helped was the lavender ultra balm!! Thank you so much for giving me my life back enjoyable!!!

Tallie Via Facebook
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We are here to provide nature's newest healing element in the most organic, safe, and legal methods ranging from balm all the way to tincture drops.

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