300mg CBD cooling ultrabalm

300mg CBD cooling ultrabalm

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CBD Hemp Balm

With the naturally soothing power of hemp and eucalyptus, our cooling Ultrabalm is a fast and effective topical CBD solution to relieve your sore muscles and soothe your skin. Experience rapid relief with this soothing CBD hemp balm from Enjoyable CBD.

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Top Quality CBD

We make our CBD oil from high-quality hemp, extracted from a whole plant process that removes all impurities. We guarantee that our CBD products are THC-free. This safe and legal product is of premium quality without the premium price tag. We make our Ultrabalm from first-rate CBD, plus eucalyptus for a refreshing feel. 

CBD for Healing

Many users attest to the relieving powers of topical CBD for sore muscles and painful skin conditions. Just apply Ultrabalm to your skin and experience fast and safe relief from painful muscles. Our CBD balm for sale contains 300 mg of high-quality CBD for your relief.

Safe, Legal, and Effective

CBD is a cannabinoid that has no psychoactive properties. This means that you can safely use Ultrabalm with none of the high associated with THC products. Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD derived from hemp is fully legal in all 50 states. Enjoyable CBD hemp balm is safe, legal, and effective for your pain.

Shop Enjoyable CBD

We have more than CBD balm for sale at Enjoyable CBD. We specialize in delicious edibles such as cookies and brownies. All of our CBD products are made from our 100% THC-free, hemp-derived CBD, providing safe and legal relief for your mind and body.